Digital Futures — All Eyes on Data

All Eyes on Data is a discussion series organised by Digital Futures and Open UTU. It offers multiple events to discuss data driven topics from various perspectives in both Finnish and in English. First events were held in 2018 and new events are planned for 2019.

Background of the discussion series

The planning of All Eyes on Data discussion series started in May 2018, when first All Eyes on Data event was organised. The event was organised on 31 May 2018 and it concentrated on the development of the storing, handling, and utilising of the data in the University of Turku. Presentations at the event can be accessed through links below.

Business from Data

Discussion series continued on 14 December 2018 at 11:00-13:00 in Janus hall (Kaivokatu 12, Turku). The theme of the event was ”Business from Data” and the language of the event was Finnish. Registered participants were able to follow the event remotely.

Programme in Finnish

Presentations of the event:

Meri-Tuulia Kaarakainen’s presentation

Marjo Pihlavisto’s and Anne-Marjamäki’s presentation

Olli Lindroos’s presentation

Mikko Tukiainen’s presentation

Love Data Week

In February 2019, Love Data Week was organized in the University of Turku as part of All Eyes on Data discussion series. The full programme and the presentations in English are available on the event website.

All Eyes on Data — Qualitative data at focus

In May 2019, All Eyes on Data concentrated on qualitative data. The focus was on research data management and the presentations are in Finnish. Read more on the event website.

Transparent law-making – developing new infrastructure

In June 2019, All Eyes on Data focused on law and legislation. The event presented ongoing project within the University of Turku, which aims to improve transparency of law-making by developing new infrastructure which is currently called ’LATAAMO’. The event was held in Finnish. Read more about the programme on the event website.

All Eyes on Data – Data Pools in Health and Social Sector

In October 2019, All Eyes on Data focused on data pools and digital transformation in health and social sector. The event was held in Finnish and it was organized in collaboration with Centre for Education and Research on Social and Health Services. Read more about the programme of the event on their website.