Digital Futures Open Positions

University Research Fellows and/or Postdoctoral Researchers (2-4 positions)

Turku School of Economics invites applications for 2-4 positions of University Research Fellows and/or Postdoctoral Researchers until 31.12.2020. Positions start as soon as possible as agreed. Applications must be submitted on January 1st 2019 (23:59) at latest.

The positions are located in the Digital Futures (DF) thematic area of the University of Turku. The thematic area builds on the synergetic multidisciplinary strengths on digitalization within the fields of futures studies, business studies, regulatory studies on digitalization, geospatial digital research and research on digital data-driven medicine, health and wellbeing. The thematic collaboration in digital futures at the University of Turku is based on strong research in business studies, digital media and culture, modern linguistics, learning environments, and medicine and health. The overall goal is to utilize modern IT applications and knowledge, and to analyze the effects of digitalization on contemporary and future business and society.

The thematic field of Digital Futures at the Turku School of Economics addresses the digitalization widely from the business studies’ perspective, with specific focus on the new knowledge in the field, and the analysis of meanings, governance and utilization of digital data and digital knowledge. These include the new ways of communication and utilization of research knowledge in the societal and economic decision-making.

The positions are located at the relevant fields (for example in business knowhow, entrepreneurship, managerial accounting, information systems, future studies) in the Turku School of Economics. We look for candidates who work collaboratively across the disciplinary and unit boundaries with researchers, disciplines, projects (for example SWiPE), and labs such as Digital Futures living lab and Laboratory of Business Disruption Research.

To read more about the qualifications for these postions and to apply them, please visit the the site for open vacancies (see the link below) . In this site, click the heading called ”University Research Fellows and/or Postdoctoral Researchers (2-4 postitions)”.

Open Vacancies at the University of Turku