Digital Futures Seminar: Poster Session

Digitalization is transforming our society by creating new possibilities and disrupting existing social structures. Digital Futures, one of the profiling areas in research of the the University of Turku, is organizing a multidisciplinary seminar to discuss the impact of digitalization on research, scientific methods, and societal change on 10 October 2019. The theme of the seminar is “How digitalization is changing science and society?”

Call for Posters

One part of the seminar is a poster session, which offers a great opportunity to demonstrate research on digitalization, digital research methods, and digital innovations to fellow academics and interested stakeholders. Researchers and doctoral candidates of the University of Turku, who represent various fields of research including digital humanities, eLearning, eHealth, information systems, geospatial research, and computer sciences, are invited to participate in the poster session.

The poster session is organized on 10 October at 12-13 pm in Turku School of Economics (Mercatori). During the poster session, author(s) can discuss their poster topic with seminar participants.

Size of the poster is A0, the orientation of the poster is portrait and the language of the poster is English. Deadline for digital version of the poster is 4 October for those who wish to share their work in digital format. Posters need to be printed until 9 October, when the poster session will be set up in the Turku School of Economics between 12pm to 4 pm.

Registration to the poster session closed on 30 September 2019.

Any questions?
Please contact:

Anne-Marie Tuikka