DF tenure-track professorships

The first DF professorships have come through the recruitment process! Our new DF tenure-track professors are Professor Juha Lavapuro in public law, Assistant Professor Matti Mäntymäki in information systems science, Associate Professor Niina Käyhkö in digital geospatial research and Assistant Professor Pekka Taimen in Molecular pathology.

All three contribute valuable and cutting edge expertise to the Digital Futures network. Professor Lavapuro specializes in constitutional and human rights law with a focus on fundamental rights, electronic surveillance, security and law in the information society. Professor Mäntymäki studies social networks, software ecosystems and young people in virtual worlds. Finally, professor Käyhkö specializes in land change research with a focus on geospaial methods, remote sensing, spatial planning as well as participatory GIS with field work both in Finland and Tanzania.

All appointments are to the Digital Futures thematic area, which builds on multidisciplinary research on digitalisation in law, business, social studies of science, futures studies, data driven medical research as well as geospatial research. The Digital Futures thematic area highlights interdisciplinary research at the University of Turku by providing a new generation of laboratory and digitalised networking opportunities backed by strong national and international cooperation with universities, research institutes, the private and the public sectors. The Digital Futures thematic area is supported by the Academy of Finland’s PROFI2 instrument.