Impact in Research Funding Workshop was held in December 2020

Two of the profiling areas in the University of Turku, Cultural Memory and Social Change and Digital Futures, joined forces and organized together a workshop focusing on impact in research.

The Impact in Research Funding Workshop was organized on 15 December. The workshop offered both researchers and administration a chance to discuss the different aspects of impact in research. Impact has also become more and more vital to take into account when applying for research funding. After the workshop, the participants were offered an opportunity to discuss with UTU’s research funding specialist about the SRC’s open call. 

The event consisted of introductory presentations and a more hands on workshop part. First presentation was given by Erika Lilja, project manager at INVEST Research Flagship Center at the University of Turku. Her presentation focused on describing INVEST and its approach to impact in research. Key concepts included productive interactions and impact pathways, which can be used to identify how research within social sciences and humanities create impact.

The second presentation focused on impact in research funding applications. Maria Maunula from the Research Funding Unit at Development Services at the University of Turku talked about what services the university offers for researchers in regards to funding applications and what one should consider when describing impact in research funding applications.

Last presentation was given by adjunct professor Minna Lammi from the University of Helsinki. She is also the Program Director in ”Culture in an Increasingly Technologically Driven Society” -program that is funded by Strategic Research. Her presentation addressed impact in different stages of a research project.

After the presentations the participants were divided into groups to discuss research impact and share their experiences related to it. Both groups had good discussions and as this was considered an important and interesting topic, more related events will be organized in future.

Any questions on the event? Please contact Development Specialist Outi Nurmela, who is coordinating Cultural Memory and Societal Change at the University of Turku.