Kone Foundation granted the University of Turku over 2.5 million

Kone Foundation granted the University of Turku altogether over 2.5 million euros for research. One of the funded projects is Co-Creativity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence (LuotAI), which is led by Adjunct Professor Johanna Hautala from the Department of Geography and Geology. The multidisciplinary research group behind this project includes Postdoctoral Researcher Riina Lundman and Project Researcher Roosa Wingström from the Department of Geography and Geology, Assistant Professor Antti Airola and Associate Professor Leo Lahti from the Department of Future Technologies, and University Teacher Astrid Huopalainen from Åbo Akademi.

LuotAI is a bold initiative which considers independently learning artificial intelligence (AI) as a novel actor alongside humans in the process of creation. The initiative analyses the process of co-creation by the human and AI in the everyday space in sciences, arts, and their boundaries. The aim is to redefine creativity in the era of AI: as co-creativity in the process of creation by the human and AI, and in the everyday space where creativity takes place.

LuotAI is developing a novel method of analysis that allows collecting detailed data along four years about (i) the process of creation in everyday space, (ii) moments of creativity, and (iii) outcomes that are evaluated as creative (or not), and about the role of AI in each stage (i-iii). Analyses focuses on the creative process of artists and scientists by collecting their interviews and videos, evaluating reports of their outcomes and mapping their mobility, emotions and creative moments. Similar long-term empirical research on the processes of creation in everyday space has not been done before.

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