Research Funding for AIGA Consortium Led by the University of Turku

The AIGA programme studies and develops governance mechanisms for artificial intelligence to reinforce the trustworthiness, transparency, and explainability of algorithmic decision-making. In collaboration with industry partners, governance models and mechanisms are developed to commercialise AI governance and audit international AI markets.

The AIGA consortium is led by the University of Turku and other partners are University of Helsinki, DAIN Studios, Talent Base, Solita, Siili Solutions and Zefort, and the Finnish Tax Administration. The University of Turku AIGA team is led by Principal Investigator, Associate Professor Matti Mäntymäki and the cross-disciplinary team includes researchers from Turku School of Economics, Department of Future Technologies, and Faculty of Law. The programme collaborates with the leading companies in the field such as Saidot Ltd. The consortium has received two-year research funding from Business Finland and the total budget of is ca. 4.25 million euros.

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