WORK2017 Conference 16 – 18 August

The multidiciplinary conference WORK2017Work and Labour in the Digital Future – addresses the digitalization of work and the upheavals of current and future work, as well as the changing nature of work across occupations, industries and countries. Digitalization concerns not only the contents of work, the modes and ways of doing work, but also the future of labour and what kind of society will we create through digitalization.

The gig economy and platform economy put into question the ways work is currently organized. Jobs created through technological progress have been to large extent restricted to skilled workers and the number of new jobs created through digitalization and new technologies has been relatively small. We can justifiably ask if the digital revolution can provide real and rising incomes with reasonable levels of equality, or will it create new and unforeseen divisions in societies.

How to think about work and labour in the digital future? The theme for WORK2017 calls for bold analyses of the contours and boundaries of work and working in ways which demand new understanding, both theoretically and empirically.

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